How to Fit an AussieSpeed Inlet Manifold

EA to AU Ford OHC 6 cylinder engine
The EA to AU Ford six cylinder over head camshaft engine has the water outlet neck from the head very close to number 1 inlet port. The alloy castings from AussieSpeed are very consistent in their quality for minimising distortion during settling [ie. when the casting cools from being cast in the first place], this is due to the fact they are cast fairly thick in the right places necessary for this to happen properly, therefore there is some fitting required for some manifolds when you get them home.
The photo above shows how close the water neck is to this front inlet port, use the standard gasket to measure off. Place some pen marks on the gasket where the location of the water neck housing is close to the gasket. This will be your guide as to how much needs grinding off the front lip of the inlet manifold.
Use this marked up gasket to pen mark the manifold as to how far it needs to be taken down.
Now I used a die grinder with a carbide burr and plenty of CRC to stop the carbide burr clogging up with alloy. As you take it down, make sure you do not make it too thin and weaken it, you only want to take off enough for the manifold to fit.
These two close up pics show you all that needs to be done.
So there you have it the finished manifold ready for fitting above and two close up pics from above and below on how the manifold now clears the shape of the back of the water neck housing.
Download tech article on this now.
Now I hear you say why don’t you machine them for us, well in most cases they do like for example the V8 inlet manifolds and the Hemi 6 cylinder engines have some tight tolerances to adhere to and that is why they are more expensive, i.e. they have more work in them to produce.
The AussieSpeed philosophy is to build the best power producing product and pass on production savings when a small amount of fitting can be done by the end user without the need for more expense being added onto the manifold sale price. If you disagree and want to pay more then please let us know how much more you are willing to pay……….ha, ha …..just kiddin’…… Ron.

How to Fit EA-AU AussieSpeed inlet manifold

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