The Yella Terra roller rocker product range.
Economically priced, entry level Yella Terra roller rockers that have a strong vacuum die formed arm designed for high performance street and budget race applications that do not have excessively high valve spring pressures. The Street Terra range is a perfect replacement for standard pressed metal rockers and cast iron rockers as found on early Ford, Chev and Holden V8s and six cylinder engines. Street Terra rockers feature oversize ground trunnions and needle roller bearings for durability and low friction.
The street terra adjustable roller rockers are the best way to get valve lash adjustment in engines that originally had a fixed valve lash. Like for example Ford 302 & 351 Cleveland, Ford six cylinder crossflow, Holden 186 & 202 red motors and small block Chevy. Adjustable Street Terra rollers bolt into place like the standard OEM rockers however they have an adjuster on the push rod end of the rocker so you can dial in your lifter preload perfectly.
Late model engines like the Holden GEN III and Chev LS7 V8s are utilizing OEM fitted lightweight valve train components and conical springs, which are susceptible to valve float when some performance camshafts are used. Yella Terra have developed shaft and pedestal systems for these engines that have less than half the nose weight of other rocker designs. The result is greater RPM potential without sacrificing strength or reliability. Standard and high ratio options are available.
The old faithful Yella Terra racing roller rocker has been around for years, tried and proven in all sorts of applications, the strongest aluminium rocker arms in the world with deflection and bend tests proving their aircraft grade extruded aluminium arms superior to other rival brands of aluminium and stainless steel arms. They are the ultimate rocker arm for use in high revving street engines and most race applications.
This superior arm is complemented by the strongest and best hardware in the business including massive ground trunnions matched to oversize needle roller bearings. This is the rocker arm you need to run when you want a high revving engine or running double or triple valve springs with high open and compressed valve spring seat pressures.
Designed for the most severe race applications, Platinum rockers feature “wide body” arms for even greater strength and resistance to deflection. All Platinum rockers feature heavy duty 7/16” mountings for unsurpassed rocker stability. Platinum rockers are available in twin shaft versions for parallel valve applications and unique single shaft designs for cant valve small block and big block engines. The range covers most popular factory and aftermarket performance heads in a choice of ratios.
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