Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
Body work repairs, panel beating and custom made panels using old fashioned coach building techniques.  Kustom Bitz works the metal, making panels from scratch and getting the body repaired ready to go to the paint shop. Much of our work is from building the chassis in the first place and then fitting the body to the chassis, fabricating the floor and making all the panels fit. All facets of working with metal are what we specialise in, from the structural frame to the panel fabrication.
Body panels custom made for Hot Rods and Custom Cars
I don't do paint, it is the metal work I do, although I have painted my own cars and continue to do so. There are many paint shops that have highly specialised painting facilities these days, doing mainly smash repair and panel replacement, of which best utilises their investment in those facilities. Full metal restoration work is difficult for some smash repair shops to take on, due to the way the industry opperates now. The work is time consuming in nature, the lengthy storage time for the job and specialised equipment required takes up a lot of space, and there are fewer poeple with the metal working skill set. Yet if a body is presented ready to paint then that is a more attractive proposition to utilise thier modern facilities, it can come in get painted and go out realtively quickly.
Metal mud guards hand made coach built hot rods
I am happy to do as little or as much as you want when it comes to the body work, it is just another aspect of what I can do on the car. All metal work shape is finished using the splines technique. Once the chassis is finished many customers decide to take the car off to their favorite body shop and that is fine by me too. Atleast when the body leaves our workshop you can see what you have, all in bare metal. No way we can hide poor metal workmanship under filler and paint, as we do not do paint.
When it comes to working with metal we are not a one trick pony
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Panel repairs and hand made fabricated sheet metal for Hot Rods and Customs, guards, doors, floors, bonnets, boots, roofs, firewalls and more ....

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Body & Panels - 1959 Morris J Van
Body & Panels - '28 Model A Bucket
Boot Floor 1930s to 1940s Sedan
Boot Hinge 1930s 1940s Sedan
Boot Trunk 32 Ford Roaster
Cabin Set up - Seats and Column
Chrome Trim - Morris J Bonnet
Dashboard 32 Ford Roadster fit outs
Dashboard 38 Plymouth mods
Dashboard 50 Ford Mercury
Dashboard 59 Morris J Van
Dashboard custom Model A bucket
Door Handles fitted
Doors - Steel door cards
Doors - Truck Door Rust Repair
Electric Window Fitting
Firewall - Engine Firewalls
Firewall - Passenger Firewalls
Floors - Fabricated Steel Floors
Fuel Tanks - Fabricated
Guards custom formed on a buck - Morris J Van
Guards Fat Fendered Hot Rod - 38 Plymouth
Oil Pans Sumps modified
Panel Van - Barn Doors Morris J Van
Panel Van - Window Fill
Rear Roll Pan - 38 Plymouth
Transmission Tunnel - Stock Repair
Transmission Tunnel - Trans Tunnels
Ute Tubs & Van Floors

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