Custom fabricated performance exhaust systems
Stainless steel sports exhaust systems using Kustom Bitz exhaust products custom fitted to your chassis or car. Here are some examples or our work, we pride ourselves on using properly constructed exhaust hangers that won't break, twist and rattle.  Kustom Bitz keeps the exhaust up tight and close to the chassis and floor pan to maximise ground clearance. We mainly work on the older cars that need a tailored well thought out exhaust and where the customer wants a quality job and not something that is just slapped together. All joints are tig welded fused together or when needed we use stainless steel filler rod so that no part of your exhaust system can rust.




Kustom Bitz has two options to construct your exhaust system.
  1. If cost is more important to you we can use our bend pack exhaust tube bender to construct the exhaust system, as it saves us much time in labour by reducing the welds required and allowing us to customise the bends and length of tail pipe as we go. This is the same sort of bender that regular exhaust shops use with the difference being our attention to detail to get it right and not just get it done. The only draw back with the exhaust pipe bender is that it does leave a lot of tool marks in the pipe and some ripples and creases which is not as good looking and no good for polishing however this is a perfect solution for streeters that are driven alot and where the owners are not that worried about little imperfections in the exhaust pipe under the car that you cannot see.
  2. For those fussy fellas that want a show quality exhaust system we use polished stainless steel mandrel bends and we can dress the welds and polish the whole exhaust system in our workshop as we build it and fit it to the car.  These systems look great but they are labour intesive so be prepared if that is what you want.

Here is an example of the exhaust hanger brackets Kustom Bitz designed and uses on all our exhaust systems, click on the pics to see larger. If we dont have a suitable bracket to hold up your exhaust properly we will design one.  We use a common available Holden Commodore mounting rubber and a range of different laser cut brackets we developed to secure the exhaust and stop it from twisting over and prevent rattles but still allowing some movement.

We have designed the brackets to be weld on so they are mild steel on the chassis side and stainless steel on the exhaust tube side.  Of course they can be drilled and bent to make them bolt on. All these pictures show weld on as the chassis were at the construction stage before paint.

2.5 inch exhaust tube held from the side above and held from the top below.
The chassis side brackets are just cut and trimmed to suit.


The picture below is of our side hanger exhaust brackets for our T bucket side pipes and are shaped to allow you to weld them directly to the outer case of a 4 inch round hot dog muffler.

Street Rod exaust systems in stainless steel or Mild Steel

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Custom Header heat Shields - Custom fitted so it doesn't look like sheilds
Custom Headers - Custom made extractors in polished stainless steel
Custom Performance Exhaust ~ 2 1/2 inch Stainless Steel Exhaust System with mufflers and resonators - custom fitted
Exhaust hanger - Side Drop - Side pipe attach - 4 Bolt design - for 2 1/2
Exhaust hanger - Side Drop - Side pipe attach - 4 Bolt design - for 4
Exhaust hanger - Side Drop - Top pipe attach - 4 Bolt design - for 2 1/2
Exhaust hanger - Top Drop - Top pipe attach - 4 Bolt design - for 2 1/2

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