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Gasser axle components, axle kits and or complete installs.  Gassers as they were known back in the 60’s through to early 70’s were state of the art drag cars for their time. The theory of the time was to help with weight transfer for tyre grip because when you raise the front of the car it places more weight on the back tyre.

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The easiest way to do this was with a straight axle and semi elliptic springs. The other advantage was it cleared the engine bay and gave you more room for the engine and oil pan.  The other reason was that straight axles were quite common in old cars found at the wrecking yards so they were cheap and plentiful at the time, hence many of the old gasser dragsters were quite unsafe from an engineering perspective with all sorts of back yard hacks having a go at it.  These days it is harder to get away with poor engineering and in reality we want to build something to be proud of and good engineered parts on our car is where it's at.


Now you can capture that classic look of the gasser dragster with Kustom Bitz gasser axle components to allow you to build a safe vintage gas drag car and go nostalgia drag racing or just have some fun at the hot rod drags.


The Kustom Bitz gasser axle kit uses 37 to 41 Ford spindles which is common for all aftermarket I beam axles. You can use original Ford spindles, or So-Cal or Rod Tech spindles or we can supply you with our own Lakes Hot Rod Parts spindles.

Anglia gasser dragster 250 Ford Crossflow  drag car brakes, gasser axle kit with brakes

This allows you to run modern brake components from common Ford rotors, big brakes or Wilwood light weight brakes. Kustom Bitz has parts to allow us to do a chassis car like a mid 50’s Chevy, 48 Anglia, Willy's gasser ...... or a mono construction vehicle like for example Ford Falcons, Sprints, English Ford Anglia’s and more.

Bolt in gasser axle kits for drag cars

Kustom Bitz can supply you with just the axle ends through to setting up the whole front end and steering for you at our factory workshop in Croydon VIC. POA. Shown here in the pics is our own workshop dragster the Kustom Bitz Anglia Gasser.

drag car Ford 105e Anglia gasser dragster

Kustom Bitz gasser axles are solid with precision machined axle ends. Axle widths can be made to any length, all we need is a wheel bolt face to bolt face length and the centre to centre of the springs for the mounting pads and the pads angle relative to the king pin. Or the spring mounting pads can be fitted but not welded, allowing you to set up your axle and spring package and set the king pin angle [caster] once the springs are in place. All our axles are tig welded [neatly fuse welded] in our own purpose built welding jig for accuracy and strength.  It is important to remember though that although the gasser front end seems simple in appearance, it is still easy for the novice home builder to mess up the front end geometry and end up with an unsafe, poor steering and unpredictable car. So seriously consider Kustom Bitz doing the main part of the work for you.

Setting up a dragster to hook up properly is more than just the front end set up, you have to look at the car as a whole. Engine position, steering, rear end, tyres, gearing, chassis rigidity, etc ....... there is quite a bit to it.  Even for the guy or girl who just wants to muck about at the hot rod drags, you will enjoy it more if the car is set up properly so have a talk to us about your needs.

You can see the Kustom Bitz Anglia Gasser build photos if you navigate to the the "Project Cars and workshop stories" section on the main menu on the left.

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